Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Poetic Obituaries: [Daniel] Hoffman never lost touch with his students

or the larger poetry community, often going out of his way to help those students enter that community. The generosity was in his manner and in his poems.

"In Dan's work there is an awareness that words mean more than one thing, that if you say a cliche, there's a possibility that it can be taken at face value more seriously, taking the words back to their original meaning and intent," said Nathalie Anderson, a professor of English literature at Swarthmore. "There's always a raised eyebrow--an invitation to the reader to share in the fun of what he's writing."

"You're always surprised when someone famous and excellent is a nice guy," said Robin.

A poetry reading in memory of Daniel Hoffman has been scheduled for April 19 at The Franklin Inn Club in Philadelphia.

by Daniel Hoffman

from WHYY NewsWorks: Tales of Hoffman: Recounting verse and virtue of late poet laureate


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