Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14th forum announcement

Dear Poetry Aficionados,

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We begin this week in San Diego, with Javier Sicilia, the poet we have been following for a year in Mexico, as his caravan makes its first stop along its route across the United States. From there we go to Uzbekistan and take a torturous ride in an iron box with poet Yusuf Juma. From there, with Virginia's new state poet laureate Sofia Starnes, we leave from the Philippines to Spain, leaving everything behind except what can fit into one suitcase. On a week like this, Jack Kerouac is on our Back Page, with a story on how he divides men and women. Of course, that's not even half of what's in our News at Eleven section.

In Great Regulars, we welcome a new Great Regular, Troy Jollimore, who is presently judging IBPC poems. Here we link to two articles he has in the Washington Post. Great Regulars is the largest section of Poetry and Poets in Rags, and often leads in with an article by Bryan Appleyard, a former IBPC judge himself. Why all this about IBPC?

The InterBoard Poetry Community's 2011-12 Poem of the Year results are in with a big thanks to our esteemed judge Toi Derricotte! She selected poems by a supreme trio of female poets. Here they are, with big congrats to the poets and the forums where the poems were workshopped:

First Place: yard work by Dale McLain of Wild Poetry Forum

Second Place: The Lost Daughter by Laurie Byro of Desert Moon Review

Third Place: Matryoshka by Brenda Levy Tate of PenShells

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