Tuesday, August 21, 2012

News at Eleven: Academics to attend include

Peter K. Steinberg, who unearthed the files. Recalling his first reading, he said: "For me, as a Plath scholar, it was all new."

On Otto [Plath]'s morbid tendencies, he said: "Certainly people in general will want to read this as evidence or proof of the conditions that ailed Plath."

He passed the files to his colleague, Heather Clark, who is writing a Plath biography and who will present a paper on them at the symposium.

from The Guardian: FBI files on Sylvia Plath's father shed new light on poet
then Bookhaven: New FBI files: Was Sylvia Plath's daddy "pro-Nazi"?
then Daily Mail: FBI files on Sylvia Plath's father show he was investigated during World War I for pro-German sympathies


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