Tuesday, August 21, 2012

News at Eleven: "In order to protect the 23 million drug consumers

in the United States, this nation initiated this war that has destroyed Colombia and which now in turn is destroying Mexico, Central America, and is also menacing to destroy in the medium term the United States itself," Sicilia wrote on the movement's website. "The burden we bear upon us contains the weight of our dead, of our missing ones, of those displaced, of our criminalized and humiliated immigrants."

Sicilia's son, Juan Francisco Sicilia Ortega, was murdered in Mexico last March. The poet has since said there was no reason for the murder, as his son was not involved with drugs or gangs.

from The Texas Tribune: Caravan From Mexico Seeks to Condemn U.S. Drug Policy
then Democracy Now!: Mexican Poet, Activist Javier Sicilia Brings Peace Caravan into U.S. to Condemn Deadly Drug War


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