Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Great Regulars: What the evidence actually shows

is that racial differences, once all external factors are removed (primarily the social and cultural context of the testees), seem to be almost undetectably small.

The same seems to be true of gender differences.

from Bryan Appleyard: from The Sunday Times: Flynn's IQ


"I had suicidal thoughts when I was young. I fancied myself as a melancholic, quite a lot of people do, it's a fashionable thing. Anyway, all these ideas were coming to me when I was going to sleep, ideas of self-destruction. They all promptly vanished the moment I was under real threat. There was a sudden urge to live. I wanted to do more, to write more."

It was, for a long time, not clear that he would make it. Close to death on several occasions, his intake of medication seems to have been vast and not always welcome: "They once gave me a mood stabiliser because I was getting a little ratty. I mean, the last thing you want as a writer is a mood stabiliser."

from Bryan Appleyard: from The Sunday Times: Clive James: De Profundis


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