Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28th forum announcement

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This week we begin Poetry & Poets in Rags in the middle. Mexican poet Javier Sicilia and the Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity were in Texas this past week, now in Mississippi, about half way along their coast to coast trip from San Diego to Washington D.C. From there we go to Iran, where Azerbaijani poets Farid Huseyn and Shahriyaz Hajizadeh have been abducted by Iranian officials and held while visiting the country for a poetry festival. I found three snippets of news from News.Az, the first reporting on a delay in Iran bringing them to court. Our next story is a report from Live Science about the deciphering of an ancient poem, which shows a different side to Nero and Poppaea. These are the first three stories in our News at Eleven section.

Be sure to make it into our Great Regulars section. One good reason for these Great Regulars to be in a separate section, is so that you can find what your favorites are writing from week to week. The first ones are the individuals. And this week we hear from Bryan Appleyard, Alison Flood, Linda Sue Grimes, Hillel Italie, Garrison Keillor, Adam Kirsch, Ted Kooser, Luisetta Mudie, Carol Rumens, and B.T. Shaw. Following Great Regulars, is the Poetic Obituaries section, deaths in our world community of poets.

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