Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Great Regulars: After enjoying a big dinner,

all the guests gather around and "pass out the presents."  Each person gets at least three presents a piece.  They hug and shake hands in gratitude for each gift.

Now it is time for music and dancing; Ty plays the guitar and Fred play the fiddle, while Dunder and Fair "roll bag the rugs" so the dancing can begin.

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: Buck Ramsey's "Christmas Waltz"


As all art forms do, poetry offers readers an opportunity for interpretation.  Misinterpretation often results when the neophyte surmises that all interpretations are correct or that a poem can mean anything one wants it to mean.  If such were the case, no one would have ventured to write more poems after the first one had been established.

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: Poetry Interpretation and Misinterpretation


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