Tuesday, December 25, 2012

News at Eleven (Back Page): This year, among the Forward's five notable

poetry books, there are two memorable retrospective collections by Alicia Ostriker and Michael Heller, as well as three books of brand new poetry from Adeena Karasick, Hank Lazer and Rachel Tzvia Back.

It is particularly curious to juxtapose Lazer's "N18" and Karasick's "This Poem," as both books engage with the timely question of the poetic medium: What does poetry look like, and how might it be read in a time when the very process of reading--and the existence of a book--is a blinking question mark.

from The Jewish Daily Forward: Forward Fives: 2012 in Poetry
then Morning Star: Poetry of the year
then Winnipeg Free Press: Poetry: A dozen of the best published in 2012


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