Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Great Regulars: And yet, if "Pink Thunder" has a message,

it's that the relationship between poetry and music is more elusive, more conditional, than that of traditional lyrics in a song. This is the best thing about the project, the way [Michael] Zapruder uses his music to mirror, or echo, his own reading of the material, and its emotional effect.

When at the end of "Pennsylvania" (a collaboration by Nichols, Joshua Beckman, Anthony McCann and Matthew Zapruder), he sings, "like technology you are like technology/Everything you do other people want to do it too," his voice goes up quizzically as if commenting on the image, which is both absurd and precisely accurate. (That's where its beauty resides.)

from David L. Ulin: Los Angeles Times: A busload of poets: Michael Zapruder's 'Pink Thunder'


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