Tuesday, December 11, 2012

News at Eleven: The man must have been kidnapped the day before,

brought here and executed in cold blood, a policeman told me in a matter-of-fact tone. As he spoke, a well-dressed young woman sitting in the back of a passing taxi looked at the body, her face distorted with horror; it was as if she were the only one reacting to the crime. That day there had been only two other murders, which, Tonantzin said, meant that it was a slow day.

A few days later, Pedro Tonantzin was badly beaten up by a soldier who was trying to prevent him and other journalists from covering the latest crime: the discovery of seven bodies in the city outskirts.

The next morning I visited Daniela Brito Mujica, 22, the girlfriend of 20-year-old Julio Cesar, murdered alongside Juanelo--she was the last person to speak to them by phone. 'He told me that they were going to have a drink and wouldn't be late, and not to worry,' Mujica said. She could hear his friends singing happily in the background.

from The Telegraph: Mexico's drug war: a poet and the people fight back


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