Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Great Regulars: [Bao Tong] congratulated incoming president

Xi Jinping on "allowing" Liu Xia to give an interview to the Associated Press on Thursday, although her lawyer said it was likely the result of sloppiness on the part of her police guards at her Beijing home, who had apparently gone out to lunch when the reporters came.

"The fact that the Associated Press was allowed to interview Liu Xia is something that the old leadership wouldn't have permitted," Bao wrote.

"This is how we go forward, one step at a time."

The teary interview was the first Liu Xiao was able to give since she was placed under house arrest in October 2010 after her husband's Nobel win was announced and infuriated Beijing.

from Luisetta Mudie: Radio Free Asia: Calls Grow For Lius' Release


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