Tuesday, December 25, 2012

News at Eleven: "I found the songs compelling, full of

fascinating nautical characters and their intriguing stories," wrote [Charlie] Ipcar in the foreword to the book he edited with James Saville of England, " The Complete Poetry of Cicely Fox Smith." "I felt as if I were listening to sailors talking among themselves in the foc'sle of a ship or at a table in some sailortown dive over 100 years ago, and maybe I was."

But the majority of Smith's poems were long out of print and even in authoritative anthologies about the sea, she was often a footnote at best. Never had anyone compiled her work so the world could see the breadth and breathtaking depth of her muse.

from Bangor Daily News: Richmond man unearths works of woman who walked confidently in a man's world


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