Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Great Regulars: Mr. Blood cautiously assumes that the village

of Spoon River appreciated that fact that he went about on "a crusade to purge the people of sin."  He was instrumental in closing saloons and shutting down gambling.  He snitched on Daisy Fraser's prostitution activity, causing her to be hauled up in from of Judge Arnett repeatedly.

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: Edgar Lee Masters' "A. D. Blood"


Confusion has arisen over the lines, "Home is the sailor, home from the sea/And the hunter home from the hill," and "Home is the sailor from the sea/The hunter from the hill."  Some readers have asked how these lines could come from two different sources; others have surmised that Stevenson is quoting Housman.  But why could it not be the other way around?  Do the lines belong to Robert Louis Stevenson or A. E. Housman?  Let's investigate.

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: "Home is the sailor": Stevenson or Housman?


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