Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15th forum announcement

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We begin our News at Eleven links with Sharon Olds winning the T.S. Eliot Prize for her book Stag's Leap. The first two in a clutch of four links on this story will bring you to poems in the book. Our next story is about the announcement from the White House that poet Richard Blanco will read at Barack Obama's inauguration this month. That story too has a clutch of four links. Alison Flood covers it as well. Her links are in our Great Regulars section.

Did you know that serious literature, such as Shakespeare and Wordsworth, as opposed to easy reading, "acts like a rocket booster to the brain"? But where do you stand on learning poems by heart? Did you know that poet David Ferry joins those who have returned from flatlining for some minutes? I guess you do know, but these are just a few more of the themes and subthemes in this week's poetry news. And you'll find some rocket-boosting poems to boot.

I'll let you get to your reading. Thanks for clicking in.


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