Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Great Regulars: Then after another catalogue from steel workers

to business report writers, to doctors/nurses/seamstresses, to artists, and back to construction workers who set "the last floor on the Freedom Tower/jutting into a sky that yields to our resilience."  Again, an absurd claim that the sky "yields to our resilience" offers itself as the posturing of postmodernist drivel that passes for poetry.

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: Richard Blanco's "One Today"


The best image in this piece is "the plum blush of dusk."  Unfortunately, it is set in the emptiest vessel on the page, the last versagraph.  The speaker says, "We head home."  Nothing had actually taken us away from home.  We did, however, "crescendo" into our day, and the speaker has certainly alluded to a wide variety of workers who would have left home to work, but the very specific, "we head home," seems to come out of nowhere and fastens readers to a journey on which they had not necessarily been traveling.

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: Vernon Scannell's "Makers and Creatures"


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