Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Big news in poetry this week, and the top story is Richard Blanco's poem, which he spoke at Barack Obama's inauguration yesterday. So we begin there in our News at Eleven section. In Great Regulars, Jeffrey Brown speaks with Blanco, and further down in alphabetical order, Carol Rumens posts a commentary on the poem, after which a discussion thread has ensued.

How to give a dead writer nightmares. How would you like it if your greatest personal detractor became your literary executor? This is precisely what happened to Sylvia Plath. Her sister-in-law, Olwyn Hughes, is interviewed by Sam Jordison for The Guardian newspaper. That's our third story. Before this, our second story is an interview with the more level-headed Elizabeth Sigmund, a friend of Sylvia's. You will also find a poem by Plath in the Garrison Keillor links in our Great Regulars section.

There is more, much more, in poetry news this week, and I leave all the rest for your discovery. Thanks for clicking in.


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