Tuesday, January 29, 2013

News at Eleven: [Olga Rudge] had won, had run off her rival,

Dorothy Pound, the wife--Miss Rudge, you are no lady! As the four funeral gondoliers gather speed she can feel the Adriatic breezes in her hair. Of course he hadn't been the Ezra she first met, but she had him all to herself for the final ten years. Few women would count that as a triumph, many friends probably laughed at her, taking in a geriatric poet, a philanderer, only a few years out of the lunatic ward. But they'd never seen him young, never read those first pneumatiques that shuttled through the underground tubes from Left Bank to Right, the faded blue paper, his letters always closing with the same endearment--she was Cara, una bella figliuola, a beautiful young girl.

from Granta: The Quality of the Affection: Part One


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