Tuesday, January 15, 2013

News at Eleven: I could go on. No, seriously

I could. Another two lines at least. After that, it gets a bit fuzzy. Portia's speech from The Merchant Of Venice, if you don't know. We all sat in Mrs Rumbold's class at Ilford County High and learned it, parrot fashion.

And that's a brilliant way for a young mind to digest poetry because it ensures that, by the end, you've got at least as much understanding of Shakespeare as parrots. True. Bring any kea or African grey in here and I bet I can leave him for dead. Listen. 'In Belmont is a lady richly left/And she is fair--and fairer than that word . . .'

from Daily Mail: I'll never vote for learning poetry by rote
then The Guardian: Government backs drive for young to learn poetry by heart


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