Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great Regulars: According to [Patricia T.] O'Conner and

[Stewart] Kellarman, "there's nothing wrong with starting a sentence with a conjunction" or ending one with a preposition. They also set out to blow up "perhaps the biggest grammar myth of all . . . the infamous taboo against splitting an infinitive". They mostly blame "misguided Latinists who tried to impose the rules of their favourite language on English" for these myths, with Henry Alford's 1864 publication of A Plea for the Queen's English "principally responsible for the infinitive taboo", because in Latin, "an infinitive is one word that can't be divided".

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Grammar lovers split over infinitives


The award-winning [Maurice] Riordan will begin his role as editor of the quarterly magazine later this year, following a string of recent guest editors including George Szirtes and Bernadine Evaristo, who have run the magazine since former editor Fiona Sampson resigned in February last year after seven years in the post.

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Maurice Riordan takes on Poetry Review editorship


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