Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Great Regulars: [Wisława] Szymborska's willingness to explore what

she didn't know encouraged her reputation as an "accessible" poet. But, as this week's poem shows, she was not adverse to abstraction. Nor was she animated by mere "curiosity", but rather by a deep understanding of history, politics and philosophy--and the theories that continue to divide scholars. Szymborska delights in this unknowability. In "In Heraclitus' River", faced with a speaker who insists that "a fish quarters a fish with a sharp fish" and that "a fish invented a fish beyond fish", readers are obliged to draw their own conclusions, transient though they may be.

In Heraclitus' River

from The Times Literary Supplement: Poem of the Week: "In Heraclitus' River"


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