Tuesday, February 19, 2013

News at Eleven: Seated at Alta, [Lee] Mallory rattles off a list

of other [Charles] Bukowski myths: that he was misogynistic ("He wrote very tender poems to women sometimes"), that he used profanity for shock value (Mallory sees it as reflecting the street culture) and that his epitaph, "Don't try," was a slogan of defeat (it was a message to writers to let the muse come naturally).

After Bukowski's death in 1994, Mallory wrote tributes to him for the Daily Pilot and Orange County Register and printed a limited-edition broadsheet of one of his poems. Bukowski, for that matter, may have written a public tribute to Mallory as well: His early-1970s poem "Slim Killers" includes the lines "well, we don't have a car/and Lee needs a ride to this nightspot/in Hollywood." Is Mallory the Lee mentioned?

from Daily Pilot: Remembering Bukowski with O.C.'s 'poet grandfather'


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