Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great Regulars: This week, we've an unusual treat,

a contemporary poem by a writer who works in the language of the Troubadours, Occitan. "Lo temps s'es perdut . . ."/"Time has disappeared . . ." by Aurélia Lassaque, appears in her new collection, Solstice and Other Poems, a bilingual volume with Lassaque's Occitan originals and English translations by James Thomas elegantly set out on facing pages.

Although I'm told its closest relative is Catalan, if you have a smattering of any Romance language, you'll be on the way to understanding Occitan.

from Carol Rumens: The Guardian: Poem of the week: 'Time has disappeared/Lo temps s'es perdut' by Aurélia Lassaque


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