Tuesday, February 26, 2013

News at Eleven (Back Page): It is absolutely, touchingly appropriate

that memorials to Mr. Crockett and Sylvia share this same space, because the two of them are bound inextricably together in Wellesley legend: mentor and apprentice, father-figure and fatherless girl, inspiration and creative supernova.

Sylvia Plath entered Room 206 of the old high school in September 1947 as a 14-year-old sophomore, and when she left three years later she was a published author on her way to the Pulitzer Prize.

from The Wellesley Townsman: Sylvia Plath's Wellesley years
then The Buffalo News: Sylvia Plath, as Marilyn Monroe?
then Indianapolis Star: Sylvia Plath's papers are still a draw at IU library
then The Diamondback: Remembering Sylvia Plath


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