Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great Regulars: They are almost thrilling in their creative

abundance--laundering money for drugs cartels; defrauding old people, small businesses, investors and shareholders; rigging markets; sugarcoating dud loans to look like good ones; loading the world economy with ever greater levels of risk and throwing millions of people out of work. And so on. All the time, they were enriching nobody but themselves. The banks and their buddies have been on a crime spree that would have glazed over the eyes of Al Capone.

from Bryan Appleyard: New Statesman: The Age of Entitlement


The title of the film is taken from G.K. Chesterton's response to The Times, when it wrote to ask him what he thought was wrong with the world. He simply wrote back: "I am." The message is that of the mystics, saints and sages--you can't change the world unless you change yourself. Shadyac, now soaked in the works of the Persian poet Rumi and the American transcend­entalist Ralph Waldo Emerson, is convinced he can do both.

from Bryan Appleyard: from The Sunday Times: Shadyac's Big Giveaway


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