Tuesday, April 02, 2013

News at Eleven (Back Page): George [Hamilton] died in July at 87. Carleen [Hamilton],

77, suffers from advanced Alzheimer's and was moved into assisted living in September.

A son, Brandon Hamilton, was cleaning out the house, getting it ready for an estate sale April 10, when he found 16 binders of napkins, saved by his father, stored in boxes in the back of his workbench area.

Then he discovered three much thicker binders of poems, saved by his mother, stacked on a closet shelf in a spare bedroom.

"I find what they did so incredible," said Brandon, 45, who lives in Haddon Township. "Not only the discipline of doing it every day, but the closeness that they had in their marriage because of sharing your innermost feelings every day. That fire that you have on your honeymoon, they kept it alive."

from The Philadelphia Inquirer: Neither death nor Alzheimer's can dim the passion of 29 years of love poems


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