Tuesday, April 02, 2013

News at Eleven: [Caroline Kennedy] burst into laughter,

she says, as she came across a poem that her brother John, as a youngster, had picked out and copied as a gift to their poetry-loving mom.

"Willie with a thirst for gore, Nailed his sister to the door," went the poem, by an unknown author. "Mother said with humor quaint, 'Careful, Willie, don't scratch the paint!'"

The poem "brought back memories of our relationship," Kennedy told a bookstore audience this week. "I laughed so hard."

But for Kennedy, now 55 and a mother of three grown children, there's a deeper meaning to that irreverent ditty.

from Associated Press: Caroline Kennedy returns to poetry for 10th book
then St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Caroline Kennedy has become ambassador to world of poetry


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