Tuesday, April 02, 2013

News at Eleven: Jeffrey Shotts, Graywolf Press poetry editor,

says the correspondence shows why [Robert] Bly and [Tomas] Transtromer got on so well.

"There's lots of humor and gossip and questioning what poetry is in their letters," he says. "Bly's big personality (overcomes) the austere Scandinavian in Transtromer. Instead of the quiet and sensibility we see in Transtromer's poems, we get this rich, witty personality that you can see is trying to live up to Bly in certain ways."

"Airmail" is exciting the poetry world because it includes two previously unpublished Transtromer poems and five new translations by Bly.

from Pioneer Press: A collection of Robert Bly, Tomas Transtromer letters has poetry planet in a spin


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