Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Great Regulars: "I'm still getting royalties as if

it were full price . . . so I'm a really happy bunny," said [Peter] James.

But the author feels that while the offer is attractive in the short term, "it has a lot of long term dangers". "What's worrying is that the 20p price point sets a precedent. The public starts getting used to paying even less," he said. And unable to compete on price, the sector of the market that will "lose out in the long term is the independent bookshop," believes the novelist. "That's my biggest worry."

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Ebook price war sees discounts reach 97%


In a detailed open letter published by the New Yorker, [Philip] Roth reveals that he petitioned Wikipedia to delete the "misstatement", but was told "that I, Roth, was not a credible source: 'I understand your point that the author is the greatest authority on their own work,' writes the Wikipedia Administrator--'but we require secondary sources.'"

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Philip Roth's complaint to Wikipedia
then The New Yorker: An Open Letter to Wikipedia


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