Tuesday, September 18, 2012

News at Eleven: [Simkha-Bunim Shayevitch] goes on to confess:

"I swear to you that I have never in my life experienced such bitterness. In the month of Sivan my father died, and after 30 days so did my mother. And how it grieves my conscience that I could do nothing to save them! Now I am forced to watch my 5-year old daughter and my wife waste away. The child is frequently ill, while I haven't got the slightest means (to save her)."

He also confides to [Shmuel] Rosenstein, "I am in the process of writing a long poem about the ghetto. Our colleague, Mrs. Ulinover, pressed my hand, saying that the poem will be a monument to our experiences in the ghetto, and other such superlatives . . ."

from Tablet: The Last Poet of Lodz


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