Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poetic Obituaries: The Polish-born [Haim] Hefer, who spent more

than a third of his lifetime in Tel Aviv, divided his time in recent years between there and Ein Hod. Though known primarily for his prolific output of songs and poems, he had also been involved in illegal immigration, and in his youth had smuggled Jews out of Syria. Later Yigal Allon, one of his Palmah commanders--who had since become a politician--sent him as a cultural emissary to Los Angeles, from whence he returned with the founding residents of Karmiel. During his Palmah days, he had also been a kibbutznik, and his Palmah superiors had sent him to Kibbutz Dafna.

from Jerusalem Post: National treasure Haim Hefer laid to rest in Ein Hod
then The New York Times: Haim Hefer, Israeli Songwriter and Poet, Dies at 86


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