Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poetic Obituaries: [Louis Simpson] received the 1964 Pulitzer Prize

in poetry for his collection "At the End of the Open Road." The volume was one of more than 18 books of poetry he produced over six decades, including "Searching for the Ox" (1976), "In the Room We Share" (1990) and "The Owner of the House" (2003).

"At the End of the Open Road" contained many of the salient characteristics of his writing: everyday imagery, wry turns of phrase and a contrarian, at times darkly disillusioned view of the American dream.

from The Washington Post: Louis Simpson, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, dies at 89
then Los Angeles Times: Louis Simpson dies at 89; Pulitzer-winning poet
then Frontpagemag.com: Louis Simpson R.I.P.


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