Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Poetic Obituaries: [Dominic Hibberd's] critical work Owen the Poet (1986)

was a study of what Owen himself had termed his "poethood". It included corrections and re-readings of texts, and revealed a continuity in Owen's poetic voice, establishing that much of the language and imagery of the 1917-18 poems was in place long before Owen experienced the realities of the western front. Wilfred Owen: The Last Year (1992) emphasised the importance of Owen's shell-shock doctor Arthur Brock, and of Sassoon, in suggesting war as a subject for his poetry.

The publication, in 2002, of Hibberd's Wilfred Owen: A New Biography represented the culmination of almost three decades of research and writing on the subject.

from The Guardian: Dominic Hibberd obituary
then The Telegraph: Dominic Hibberd


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