Tuesday, September 25, 2012

News at Eleven: I was very happy to find that [George] Bacovia's

poems were translated into English. The book titled "Poems" was published by Stress Publishing House Bucharest in 1995. It contains Bacovia's main volumes: Lead (1916), Yellow Sparks (1926), With you (1930), Comedies at heart (1936), Bourgeois Stanzas (1946) and Poems (1957).

If I may make a recommendation: on rainy autumn days, when you want to adapt your mood to the atmosphere but, at the same time to be filled with peace and tranquility then sit down on a comfortable old chair near the fireplace and open the Bacovia's book. What could you read? Just listen to his words:

from Romania Insider: Romanian literature: George Bacovia--The poet of grayness


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