Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Great Regulars: Alicia Stallings: Maybe there's a--

that there's nothing left to lose is a kind of freedom as well.  People are going out to plays.  They're still going out and doing things, but, you know, with less money.  And--but there's an urgency.  There are--poetry readings are very well attended.  Literary events are packed.  So I think . . .

Jeffrey Brown: Well, what do you think that--why do you think that is?

Alicia Stallings: Well, A., I think it's inexpensive.

from Jeffrey Brown: PBS: Newshour: Greek Poets Muse Austerity Measures: 'We'll Hawk the Parthenon to Buy Our Bread'


Ersi Sotiropoulos: During these last two years, there have been many demonstrations, organized by a circle of poets in the main streets of Athens. Many people participate, not just poets. Personally, I think my role is to continue to write. Some writers now serve in the government. That's not something for me. The role for me is to put questions, to reverse what is considered as established truth, to turn reality upside down. I know I can do that better with my writing.

from Jeffrey Brown: PBS: Newshour: Greek Novelist Ersi Sotiropoulos: 'The Crisis Empties the Wallets as Well as the Souls'


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