Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Poetic Obituaries: [Leung Ping-kwan] told Hong Kong's own story

through homely images of food, buildings, traffic, fish and much else, in poems with names like "Papaya" or "In an Old Colonial Building." He spoke of how a city functions, of what is lost as it develops so rapidly. Of the human spirit that wanders, looking for its home, while finding welcome overseas. P.K. was both profoundly local and international; he was as likely to be reading something by a Czech writer as a Chinese poet. He studied in San Diego and traveled widely, liking Berlin especially. There, in the strange tale of East-West division and unification, he found echoes of Hong Kong's own fractured identity and tumultuous political changes.

from International Herald-Tribune: The Death of a Poet Who Defined Hong Kong


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