Tuesday, February 05, 2013

February 5th forum announcement

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During this past week--with the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Plath's death coming next Monday, coupled with Andrew Wilson's new book on her life, Mad Girl's Love Song--the remarkable articles being published on her life, indicated to me that we would come to today headlining with these items so important to poetry. Then came the news that Kazakh poet Aron Atabek has been returned to solitary confinement. Surely such a plight of a living poet should take the attention a top story brings. Then came the news from the Philippines that jailed poet Ericson Acosta will be freed. Indeed, the first link of our three on this breaking story, is a statement from Acosta himself.

Those are three of our eleven stories in our first section, News at Eleven. Another important story is breaking and covered exceptionally well by John Timpane in our Great Regulars section, a section with over 30 links this week. This is a very full and packed issue, which includes articles you'll want to read in our Poetic Obituaries sections as well.

So I will let you get to your reading. Thanks for clicking in.


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