Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poetic Obituaries: As a young man, [Al] Groh began writing poetry,

a passion that lasted until his final day. When his eyesight failed him, his active mind still wrote poems by dictation, remarkably remembering each word by heart. Hundreds of verses for children of all ages--"I'm a Penguin/You're out of luck/You can't be one/Because you're a duck"--were published by Groh. Numerous books of poetry were published that inspired the reader to combat indifference, see the healing power of the Arts and the wonder of the world around us. Al collaborated with the regional publishing and fulfillment company, Karol Media, to create the Alfred S. Groh I'm a Poems Collection for the Classroom.

from The Times Leader: Alfred S. Groh
then Citizen's Voice: Al Groh, poet and inspiration, dies at 92


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