Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poetic Obituaries: [Lucien] Stryk's poetry shows the influence

of classical Japanese poets such as Issa and Basho. Often straightforward and direct, it focuses on simple and familiar details. Stryk has also written of his experiences in the war. His collections of poetry include Taproot (1953), The Trespasser (1956), Notes for a Guidebook (1965), Awakening (1973), Collected Poems 1953--1983 (1984), Bells of Lombardy (1986), Of Pen and Ink and Paper Scraps (1989), And Still Birds Sing: New and Collected Poems (1998). He has recorded work for the Smithsonian Folkways series: Zen Poems: Read by Lucien Stryk (1980) and Lucien Stryk: Selected Poems (1983).

from Poetry Foundation: Lucien Stryk


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