Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12th forum announcement

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Our first story in News at Eleven is about Tsering Woeser and how China won't let this Tibetan poet and blogger come to the USA to accept her award for courage on International Women's Day. That courage has to do with being under the arrogant and tyrannical rule of China, and blogging about the Tibetans who are self-immolating in protest. (China, guys, walk away. It's a mistake. You're looking to the world like overly-armed idiots.) In our Great Regulars section, Luisetta Mudie also covers this story with two articles, a third has to do with Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo's wife. Of course, he's the Nobel Peace Prize Winner that China has locked up. They put her under house arrest when he was awarded the prize. (See what I mean about overly-armed idiots?)

Our first seven of eleven stories in News at Eleven all have to do with female poets. The excellent Sylvia Plath stories continue to come out, this year being the 50th anniversary of her death. She is also written about in a Smithsonian article called Poetry Matters: Women's Work: Toward a New Poetic Language, as are several female poets, including Adrienne Rich, who also has a separate article in this section.

Lot's more excellent articles, interesting topics, and some excellent poetry as well in this week's links. I'll leave them all to your discovery. Wait, here's one about discovery, the one about how to get $2 million worth of gold and other gems and trinkets from reading a poem, and getting out your walking stick. Yes, a hidden treasure, with a poem that has nine clues for you.

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