Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Great Regulars: The kids loved it.

They were riveted by the Bulls and Bears, a drum circle and group of dancers from throughout Indian country, and were howling with laughter as soon as [Sherman] Alexie took the stage and started joking about how he was going to become the new Pope. He's qualified, he said, because he's Catholic and an Indian, "guilt squared." That led to a riff on condoms and a warning to the students to "wear the (bad word) things, you little (bad, bad word)."

This wasn't the kind of safe sex lecture they give in health class, and Alexie is not the kind of author who comes to a community-reads event and gives a solemn talk about his life and work.

from Jeff Baker: The Oregonian: Sherman Alexie uses humor to make serious points at Everybody Reads event


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