Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 26th forum announcement

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Chinua Achebe died this past week. Aside from being a great novelist, he was also a poet. You will find a clutch of links in our Poetic Obituaries section on this, each article lending its own point of view, to paying tribute to him. That is our third section, right after Great Regulars. In Great Regulars, Jeffrey Brown remembers Achebe, and so does Alison Flood and David Ulin. Lots of good reading if you can surf through.

Turns out, D.H. Lawrence's poetry was censored, and is better than has been thought. Apparently, he was quite talented. We begin News at Eleven with this story. Ten stories later, on our Back Page is a happy birthday wish to 139-year-old Robert Frost. Both The Christian Science Monitor and Huffington Post came out with items with quotes of his, the Monitor one has good photos too. Time sure flies this week.

Congratulations to the poets and boards who sent in IBPC's winning poems for March. And thanks very much to Deb Bogen our Winter 2013 judge. What a wonderful job she has done for her three-month stint. You can read her commentary after each poem:

1st Place: Altoona by Dale Patterson, of conjunction

2nd Place: Hansel Ties the Knot by Laurie Byro, of Desert Moon Review

3rd Place: Tool Shed by Arlin Buyert, of Wild Poetry Forum

Honorable mention: And Maybe Sleep by Fred Longworth, of PenShells

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