Tuesday, March 19, 2013

News at Eleven: Federico Garcia Lorca, one of the most famous

and beloved writers and playwrights of the past century is coming back to New York. Starting next month, the largest-ever North-American festival celebrating his book "Poeta en Nueva York" (Poet in New York) will take place in the city that inspired almost a century ago. The centerpiece of this celebration is "Back Tomorrow"--an exhibition of Lorca's manuscripts and drawings curated by Andrés Soria Olmedo and Christopher Maurer and presented at the New York Public Library.

Alongside Pablo Neruda, Lorca is probably the only Spanish-language poet who made the crossover to English-language audiences (Borges, who started his literary career as a poet, is mostly known for his short stories) and whose work influenced American writers.

from NBC Latino: Celebrating legendary poet, Federico Garcia Lorca


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