Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19th forum announcement

Dear Poetry Aficionados,

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We begin this week with Anne Carson's new book. Both the New York Times and the National Post bring us interviews with her. Michael Lista in our Great Regulars section also has an article on her.

In our first section, News at Eleven, if you're seeing double, it's because poets are coming in pairs. We have two articles on two poets each, one on R.S. Thomas and Dylan Thomas, the former Welch poet having his 100th birthday this year and the latter next. But our back page article is on both Lemn Sissay and Benjamin Zephaniah, the former taking part in the latter's play. If that is not enough, we have a separate article on R.S. Thomas. Pablo Neruda shows up a couple times as well, once as being one of two Spanish-speaking poets who have made the "crossover to English-language audiences", the other being Federico Garcia Lorca, the subject of the article, and the second lending his name as the dedicatee of a remarkable new work by artist Ai Weiwei, called "A Pablo."

Speaking of Great Regulars, one has passed this week, John Mark Eberhart, from cancer. The news is coming out today. There is an obituary followed by an audio of him reading one of his poems, these in our Poetic Obituaries section. I was hoping to see him emerge somewhere, even as a freelancer since he left The Star as their book editor. His contributions to the poetry community have been, and will be missed. We are dealing with a big John-Mark-Eberhart-shaped hole right now.

I leave the rest in all three sections to your discovery, poems, essays, and all.  Thanks for clicking in.


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