Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Great Regulars: But what happens, the Mishnah asks,

if one of the residents is a non-Jew, an "idolater"? (The Hebrew term for idolater is rather poetic: oved kochavim, a servant of the stars.) The Tannaim rule that it is impossible for a Jew to establish an eruv with a non-Jew--or, for that matter, with a Jew who rejects the authority of the Oral Law (like the Second Temple-era Sadducees), and so believes eruvs to be illegitimate.

The Gemara goes on to explain that the residence of an idolater has no legal status in Jewish law--it is considered ownerless, "similar to an animal stable."

from Adam Kirsch: Tablet: The Irrelevance of Pleasure


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