Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Poetic Obituaries: The program was a disappointment but

he [Edward Stankiewicz] became a member of the Writer's Club, and in Lvov he met many Yiddish Poets: Debora Vogel who had been Bruno Schulz's close friend, Yaʻaḳov Shudrikh, Samuel Imber, Dovid Hofshteyn, Perets Markish, and Itsik Fefer as well as the Polish poets Piotr Rawicz and Frank Stiffel. He had some wonderful things to say about the poets. Shudrikh, he said, wrote poems "that were full of late autumn leaves, of sick birds, and of a love that is gone and wears down the heart." Stankiewicz also tried his hand at writing Yiddish poetry, and his book includes all six stanzas of an understandably morose ballad that he must have written in 1942.

In Buchenwald, through a series of accidents, he was classified as a Polish prisoner rather than a Jew, and he made the discovery of a library, "a treasure trove.

from Tablet: The Napkin Artist
then Yale News: In Memoriam: Edward Stankiewicz


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