Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14th forum announcement

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We start off very worldly this week in Poetry & Poets in Rags. Our first link features Moroccan poet Rachida Madani's book Tales of a Severed Head, translated into English by Marilyn Hacker, a collection of poems, "about women in revolution and what it means to be part of that process." From there, we go to Viet Nam, where poet and blogger Vu Sy Hoanh or "Hanh Nhan" was beaten with other bloggers at a human rights picnic. The next story asks whether Serbian poet Petar II Petrovic-Njegos was a holy scholar or a racialist scholar. Our fourth link then takes a look at Robinson Jeffers, America's neglect-at-our-peril poet-prophet.

It's a big week of news in poetry, with dozens of fine poems and articles to follow. Be sure to scroll into the Poetic Obituaries, where you will find eight tributes to Taylor Mead who died this past week. In the video when asked "Who is the first person you'll visit in Heaven (or hell)?," he responded "Jack Kerouac . . ."

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