Tuesday, May 14, 2013

News at Eleven: On the face of it, one would not expect

these artists to get along; they seem like oil and water. Both were in London to promote [Rachida] Madani's Tales of a Severed Head, which was translated by [Marilyn] Hacker. The collection of poems addresses the issues of colonialism, corruption, human rights abuses, poverty and misogyny. In a way, as she says to The Majalla, her book is "effervescence of consciousness amongst Moroccan women which had been there long before the Arab Spring."

According to Hacker, her latest collection is not about women in society, but "about women in revolution and what it means to be part of that process."

The difficult job of translating a cacophony of different emotions has fallen on Hacker, who, it seems, is up for the task.

from The Majalla: A Tale of Two Poets


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