Tuesday, May 21, 2013

News at Eleven: "Noguchi is handsome and whilst engaged in

washing dishes in the kitchen the boy lisped in pretty numbers. The poet of the Heights (Hights) one day caught the budding genius spinning out English verse by the yard. The veteran gave Noguchi a lift on to Pegasus and away he went with introduction to New York and London. We have not heard that publishers have snapped up Noguchi's screed."

The Wasp was wrong. [Yone] Noguchi's "Seen and Unseen, or, Monologues of a Homeless Snail" had been published in 1897, and his popular "The American Diary of a Japanese Girl" came out in 1902.

from Contra Costa Times: Days Gone By: Japanese-born Yone Noguchi studied poetry with Oakland's Joaquin Miller


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