Tuesday, September 04, 2012

News at Eleven: Poetry of the Taliban is full of admonitions,

complaints against 'infidels', disgust at Afghans earning dollars, descriptions of suffering at the frontlines and the loneliness of widows, orphans and mothers, but without reference to engaging meaningfully with the outside world or even with the government to find a peaceful solution to the future. The solution for most lies in fighting the invaders until they leave. The poem "Slave" satirises the Karzai-Bush alliance, accusing the former: "Karzai! You sold the country for a few dollars."

As much as these poems may explain the reasons behind the Taliban's unrelenting ideology and their resentment towards foreign occupiers, there is  still that lingering question of whether they merit the space accorded to them.

from Dawn: Review of Poetry of the Taliban


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