Tuesday, January 08, 2013

News at Eleven: "I think day and night of coming to Israel,

but the destination is so far-off," [Sara] Kucikowicz wrote to her sister.

"In my opinion, Sara Kucikowicz's future will be that of a great Hebrew poet," [Daniel] Persky wrote to [Aliza] Dworkin on Oct. 6, 1935, in a letter hinting of Dworkin's role as an intermediary between poet and publisher. In a May 6, 1947, letter to Yosef Zeevi, Persky suggested the special section be devoted to her in the Luniniec book that [Yosef] Zeevi was compiling.

"The main thing is that it should be an eternal testament to this important poet, of whom the [former] residents of your town can be proud," Persky wrote in the letter, which appears in the book, along with several of Kucikowicz's poems and stories. "It's a shame that she died in her youth."

from Arizona Jewish Poet: Seeking Kin: A lasting image of a perished young poet


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